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Your trip to discover Normandy

Normandy is a historic, picturesque and cultural region. You can enjoy a wide range of tourist activities and visits during your stay, including beach walks, museum visits and boat trips. The cliffs of Étretat, the historic city of Rouen and the famous Normandy landing beach are also must-see sites to discover on a vacation at camping La Chenaie.

Yport, a seaside town to visit

Yport is a charming fishing village. You’ll find plenty to do here, including discovering the little port, strolling along the beach and visiting museums. This vacation destination is ideal for those looking for a peaceful seaside break.

Yport’s historic past

Located on the Côte d’Albâtre in the English Channel, Yport is a seaside village with a small seaside resort. This village nestled in a wooded valley is renowned for its fishing. From the end of the 19th century, Yport welcomed a number of celebrities such as Boudin, Maupassant and Laurens, who came to enjoy sea bathing. The town has preserved its magnificent middle-class villas, which stand alongside the small flint-and-brick fishermen’s cottages on the beach. A few brightly-colored capstans and barques recall the village’s maritime tradition.

Things to do in Yport

If you’re looking for an even more original vacation, treat yourself to cultural and discovery outings on a hiking trail. Discover museums, exhibitions, paintings, photographs and sculptures at theYport Intercommunal Tourist Office.

During your seaside vacations, enjoy supervised swimming on the beach in July and August. A wide range of water sports are also available: canoeing, kayaking, surfing, bodyboarding – choose an activity that will bring you closer to the joys of sea water. If your stay takes place in mid-May, you’ll have the chance to take part in the Fête de la mer and the Fête de la peinture. In the streets you’ll find painters auctioning the works they’ve created during the day.

Yport Rue Emmanuel Foy
Normandy cliff etretat sunset

Discover Étretat and its sublime cliffs

Étretat is a prime tourist destination in Normandy. This picturesque seaside resort offers many things to do, such as discovering its famous cliffs, visiting its contemporary art museum and exploring its pretty town center. You’ll enjoy a wide variety of activities, including cliff walks, beach strolls and boat excursions.

What to see in Étretat

Étretat is a small commune on the Normandy coast, in the heart of the Seine-Maritime region. Discover this town with its colorful heritage. In fact, this is where you’ll find the most majestic and picturesque part of the Côte d’Albâtre: The cliffs of Étretat. These cliffs will impress you with their grandeur and verticality. The many cliffs have inspired the greatest artists and poets, who have immortalized the beauty of these places in their own way down the ages.

Discover the Porte d’Aval needle, the setting for the adventures of Maurice Leblanc’s hero Arsène Lupin, who discovered the treasure of the Kings of France. The Manneporte, a monumental arch carved out of the rock, was put on canvas by Monet, the famous Impressionist painter. And the Falaise d’Amont, on the other side of the beach, was featured in Guy de Maupassant‘s “Une vie”. Enjoy a hike along the cliffs known as the “chemin des douaniers ” and admire a unique panorama of the English Channel.

visit etretat upstream cliff
clos upin house near camping flower la chenaie

To do

During your stay at the Étretat campsite, visit Clos Lupin, 15 minutes from La Chênaie. The former home of Maurice Leblanc, it has been converted to pay tribute to his creation: Le Gentleman cambrioleur Arsène Lupin.

Discover the magic of the world created by Maurice Leblanc, who contributed to the glory of this corner of Upper Normandy, in the heart of this two-storey house. You enter the house, where a headset serves as an audio guide, with the voice of Georges Descrières, the actor who took on the role of the hero on the big screen. Throughout the tour, you’ll be given anecdotes about the character, as well as details of the places visited.

You’ll be presented with theriddle of the hollow needle, and clues will need to be collected along the way. Discover 7 recreated rooms from the life of Arsène Lupin, for a moment of escape, discovery or rediscovery of this mythical 20th-century character.

Fécamp, an old cod port

Fécamp is a picturesque coastal town in Normandy. It offers a multitude of things to do, including visiting its famous Benedictine Palace, discovering its historic Abbey, and exploring its authentic fishing port.

You’ll also enjoy a wide variety of activities to do, such as visiting its museums, hiking in the surrounding area, and sampling fresh seafood in the town’s many restaurants.

To round off your stay, we recommend a detour to Fécamp, the largest town in this corner of Normandy. Here in Fécamp, you can extend the pleasure of admiring the cliffs by literally diving into the coastline on a 2-hour zodiac tour along the entire Normandy coast.
The “La mer pour tous” walks allow you to observe the grandeur of the cliffs and the beauty of the arches carved out by the sea and time. Discover them, to get closer to this magnificent cultural heritage

Pedestrian pontoon in fecamp near yport in normandy
Palais Benedictine courtyard

Visit the Benedictine Palace

The Palais Bénédictine is a must-see when visiting Normandy. This majestic 19th-century building in Fécamp offers a visit rich in history and culture. Discover the mysterious world of Benedictine liqueur through fascinating exhibitions and tastings.

In the 14th century, Benedictine monks beganlearning alchemy and distillation, and developed an alcohol made from a blend of 27 plants and spices. The knowledge was lost during the French Revolution in 1789, before being found by a merchant from Fécamp, who was able to put the recipe into production.

Just 9 minutes from your campsite in Fécamp, La Chênaie is home to the Palais, with its impressive facade. Here you’ll find a place that traces thehistory of the former abbey, with religious objects, writings and other indications of the monks’ way of life.

You’ll also find an impressive collection of ancient art, as well as spices and plants from the four corners of the globe. Visit the distillery and cellars where the ancestral liqueur is produced, open to the public. During your visit, you’ll be immersed in the ancestral atmosphere of this place, and a tasting session awaits you at the end of your tour. Sold all over the world, Benedictine liqueur is an exceptional heritage of Upper Normandy.

If you find yourself camping in Fécamp around June 20, you can join in the local festivitiesLes Estivoiles and the Fête de la Mer et de la Musique– and soak up the local atmosphere.

Discover the Valleuse d’Antifer site

The Valleuse d’Antifer, located in Normandy, is an ideal destination for those looking to discover a region rich in heritage and scenery. Tourism in this region offers an unforgettable vacation experience for all types of travelers.

Panoramic views, pebble beaches, hiking, sea fishing, cycling, paragliding – you’ll never run out of things to do at La Valleuse d’Antifer.

la Valleuse d'Antifer near yport
Vincent Rustuel
château de Fréfossé Tilleul

Fréfossé Tilleul castle

The Château de Fréfossé Tilleul is one of Normandy’s tourist gems, and a must-see for your next stay in the region. This magnificent 18th-century residence offers visitors the chance to discover the history and culture of Normandy. You can enjoy the beauty of the castle gardens on a stroll and discover fascinating exhibitions.

Discover the Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde

If you’re visiting Normandy, don’t miss the Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, a must-see for holidaymakers in search of spirituality and a breathtaking panoramic view of the region.

Exceptional panorama from Cap Fagnet

During your vacation in Normandy, don’t miss a visit to the Cap Fagnet panorama, offering breathtaking views of the sea and cliffs. Don’t forget to visit the famous Fécamp lighthouse. Activities include walks and hikes in the surrounding area.

Fecamp sunset in Normandy
Panorama Le Havre city in Normandy

Visit Le Havre

Discover Le Havre, the largest city in Upper Normandy, with a population of 172,000, andone of the region’s two largest cities along with Rouen. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005, come and admire the charm of its surroundings.

Le Havre Hanging Gardens

One of the must-see places on your vacation is the Hanging Gardens.

Inaugurated in 2008 on the site of an old disused fort, the hanging gardens are impressive not only for their beauty, but also for the tranquillity they exude. The location overlooks the city, offering exceptional panoramic views of the city, port and sea.

The gardens are divided into several botanical colors: each corner contains species of plants and flowers specific to a particular region of the world.

Here you’ll find the Jardin Austral, a collection of plants typical of Australia, Chile and New Zealand. Discover the East Asian Garden, with bamboos and maples from Japan, and the Garden of Explorers, featuring plants from the four corners of the globe acclimatized in Europe.

Your walk will also take you to the Garden of Scents, offering a wide variety of fragrant plants. The highlight of your visit will be the Greenhouses, home to hundreds of varieties of tropical plants not found on this side of the globe. Be seduced by their scents and vibrant colors.

Since 2014, the Gardens have been awarded the “Jardins Remarquables” label due to the quality of their upkeep and the way they welcome the public.

The beach side of Le Havre

On Le Havre beach, you’ll find a place to relax and have fun, as well as activities to satisfy everyone’s desires. The beach has been awarded the “European Blue Flag” for the quality of its bathing water and beach services.

Here you’ll find a wide range of sporting activities, both on land and in the water. You can try your hand at kite paddling or surfing, or even windsurfing, which is available for hire. A Jet-Ski tour will refresh thrill-seekers, or if you prefer, take part in a game of soccer or volleyball on site. There’s even a corner reserved for skateboarders and bikers wanting to try out new tricks with their BMXs in the skatepark. The beach stretches over 2.5km, offering plenty of space for all holidaymakers.

Take the time to share a moment with family or friends at the Jardins de la Plage, for a stroll, picnic or jog along the green seafront. Enjoy a true place of relaxation on the Normandy coast.

For culture lovers, Le Havre offers an impressive array of religious monuments: Saint Joseph’s Church, Graville Abbey etc… Open to visitors all year round. You can also stop off at the Musée d’Art Moderne, home to France’s largest collection of Impressionist art, with works by Monet, who grandly illustrated the relief of the town of Le Havre in Upper Normandy.

Le Havre beach under a magnificent sunset
Seine loop in Normandy near Yport

Loops of the Seine Normandy Regional Nature Park

Discover the Parc Naturel Régional des Boucles de la Seine Maritime, a vast territory of over 89,000 hectares stretching along the Seine.

Take advantage of a hike to discover the Caudebec-en-Caux marshes, its wetlands and the flora and fauna that make it up. For the more active, a fitness trail awaits you along the marsh paths. Discover the state-owned forest of Le Trait-Maulévrier, with its steep slopes and magnificent views over the entire Seine valley.

The Musée de la Nature, in Allouville-Bellefosse, offers a discovery trail to help you better understand the link between animals and their environment. The museum, developed by theCHENE association, is also a showcase for raising awareness of the problem of pollution, mainly caused by hydrocarbons.

Take advantage of your camping holiday to visit the MuséoSeine in Caudebec-en-Caux! Discover thehistory of the Seine and its demographic and ecological challenges through a variety of displays and object collections. To discover the park in its entirety, the Maison du Parc welcomes and informs you throughout the year.

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